Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Betty Page Clothing Mall Of America Review

Well it is open.  I went on Saturday.  I personally love it.  The ladies working there are fabulous helpful and friendly.  The quality seemed good and the clothes are adorable.  Here is what I bought.

I got the shorts and top in this picture but i included the top with the red bows as it looks a bit different with the buttons undone that fare down and i will not be wearing mine like that rest assured.

I also got this black skirt.
Not pictured is a navy wiggle dress and a matching bolero I got out of the sale section and I don't see it on the web sight.  I also tried this dress on in the grey and it was so cute but well I didn't have unlimited funds so perhaps I will pick it up later since I can just jump in my car and drive for 20 minutes and just go shopping and not have to pay shipping or in Minnesota we also have no sales tax on clothing so no tax either (but check your reciept as they are having problems with the register doing this automatically).

I was very happy and the store was very very busy (well it is new and it was a holiday weekend and a saturday to boot).  All I can say is I love it and will be a frequent buyer when the cash is available!!!!


  1. Wiggle dress and matching bolero... if those words aren't music to my ears... sounds like you found some steals! :)

  2. Just in time for summer! That's the best season for new clothes shopping!

  3. Wow I love that skirt! How lucky to have a store nearby. xx