Sunday, September 30, 2012

Glamping on my Mind

Oh My Where did September Go?

Well at the end of this month I found I have been having thoughts of  Glamping.

First the Glamping: It all started with an invite from The Hometown Victory Girls to go  the International Glamping Weekend on June 1st and 2nd of 2013.  My first thought was Yes I want to do this!!! My second thought was oh no the Silver Streak.  Why oh no?  Well my husband and I purchased a 1969 Silver Streak Trail about 4 years ago.  The first year we were all gung ho about it we took it to my in laws lake place and camped out in it as they were in the process of rebuilding the cabin.  When we brought it home in the fall it had some unwanted guest that had moved in.  Then over the winter things got worse and looking inside in December there was ice on the floor.  So we had a few problems.  I have to say that we have neglected the poor thing over the last few years a few half-hearted attempts at trying to discourage mice but not enough. Well with this invite (I have to say I have been preparing to go glamping for years) and the arrival of Mary Janes book which I found both helpful and encouraging (which was so much more than I had expected) I decided enough was enough. So yesterday I asked my husband to help me solve one of the leaking problems and together we took out one of the windows that we suspected was the culprit of the worst leak and re-caulked it.  Them we put some wire mesh be hind the refrigerating venting because it looked like something a mouse could easily squeeze through those vents and then we noticed a nice big round hole under that venting that looked like it would be even more inviting to mice and we sealed that off with wire mesh.  Then I got under the camper and started looking around. I think I may have found a few more spots we have to seal off but it was exciting to finally start getting serious about it as I think it would be quite fabulous to actually take it places.  Which brings me to the next thing I had a talk with Mr Living Vintage about, pulling a trailer.  I have never done it.  Not on a small trailer or anything.  Now how am I going to do this?  If I go the international Glamping weekend he will have to work on Saturday so it would be me doing this by myself.  We decided that we should borrow his friends car trailer to have me practice pulling and hitching etc.... before I take on the 28 foot camping trailer with my 59 Brookwood Wagon.You know at the end of the night my husband said he had a good time doing a project together with me.  Yeah!!!! We do need to do more of these things next time we need to get the kids out off their duffs with us too.

Here is a picture of the Brookwood with the Silver Streak.  Don't they look like they belong together?


Interior Front

Interior back

Ok so things that need to be done to make it road worthy
1. Replace the tires
2.  Put larger springs in the Brookwood to beef up the suspension for hauling
3.  Learn to pull a trailer and park a trailer.
4.  Continue recaulking all windows and hatches.
5.  Continue to plug up mouse holes and remove current squaters.
6.  But cover for air conditional as bee's seem to love to nest in it.
7.  Replace Water tanks and current Plumbing.
8.  Complete floor project in back of trailer.
9.  Complete Wall backsplash in kitchen area.
10 Do something about that couch bed in the front.
11. Make curtains for windows.

OK what do you think?  A bit ambitions by June?  I think it is and I don't expect it all to be done by then as I live in a cold climate and well November to March will probably be too cold to do any outdoor projects.  Well I hope to at least check off the first 5 items on the list by then.  I think once the mouse and leaking problems are solved it will be much easier to start working on the last 6 items on the list.  What do you all think?  Do you have any advice or suggestions?

Have a great weekend all.  Susan

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Bunny and Small Car

I love bunnies!

Doris Day with a bunny

This is the latest edition to our household dubbed Professor Klaus Von Hoppenstein but mostly called bunny right now.  He is a Flemish Giant right now at 2 months old he is as big as most the wild adult rabbits we see in our yard. His mom was 15 pounds and his dad was 18 pounds so he will be quite a large bunny.  We are house training him and (keep your fingers crossed) so far so good we just need to see what corner of his pen he wanted to use and put his litter box there and he has been using it.  He is a super friendly sweet little guy so far and the whole family (except the cat who runs away from him) is enamored.

The other edition to our household is the small MG Midget above.  I had to juxtapose it with my 59 wagon because the size difference is so funny.

(still bumper to bumper in front)

 Mr Living Vintage says he bought it for me but I think perhaps he may have bought it a bit for himself (he has always wanted a convertible).  It is a 72 MG Midget.  It is so fun to drive, as I really enjoy driving a manual and this is the only one we have well and it is a convertible.  I have to say I laugh at it a bit when I see it in the garage stall my 59 wagon usually occupies because it is so ridiculously small in comparison.

Other than these two fun events I am back at work as summer break is over so you may see fewer post than  August but my goal is at least 2 a month.  Take Care Readers till next post.