Friday, May 6, 2011

Vintage Comments

So do you get comments about your vintage style?  I have been getting more lately as I have been on a campaign  to dress in a more vintage look daily so far I have just been tackling the hair and some makeup.  Now I teach high school and these kids are definitely not shy about making comments which is perhaps why I haven't been dressing or looking very vintage. I think that combined with the fact that I teach art and well it is messy and I would hate to ruin some nice vintage clothes because clay paint could easily ruin a nice piece. But so far I have only received positive comments about my hair from students and well I try to never think about what they say behind my back if I worried about that well..... needless to say I don't go there. Later  I stopped into a Sephora  and got some new make up some to wear at work (a little more subtle for a day look).  The girl helping me out got really excited when I told her I was going for a more vintage look and asked me about the Betty Page clothing that was opening soon at Mall of America.  Today I had looser curls as I had pinned my hair in loser pin curls for sleeping but I got a really nice set out it all day and again more compliments from students.  I also used some of the make up I purchased last night smash box limitless lip stain in petal and an eggplant eyeliner from KatVonD line.  I thought both worked well for the day time look.
this my day 2 set at the end of the day

So how about you ladies do you get much comments on your vintage look?  Positive? Negative?  

Now I need to work on the wardrobe for work and every day.  I have a hard time with wearing my nice clothes to work so now if I could find the sewing time to make some clothes that I didn't spend a fortune on that would work for work I would be all set.


  1. I'm also a high school art teacher and like you, I never wear my vintage clothing to work. I will sometimes wear a cardigan but never any of my dresses. I also prefer to wear pants to work in as I do a lot of moving around and such. I enjoy wearing modern vintage inspired clothing for work but never the real things.

    I prefer to keep my personal life and style separate from my work life. I don't like my students or other staff members to know anything personal about the way I live my life outside of work. It's not that I care what they might think or say, it's really because I like having two separate worlds to live in.


  2. sadly I dont get comments on my vintage style. lol.

  3. I get comments frequently. Always complimentary. It is such a good feeling when I have put careful thought into my wardrobe, to have people notice and tell me how much they like what I'm wearing.

  4. I must confess I very rarley go full vintage for work, just the make up and hair like you. This is due to the fact I work in a factory with mostly male employees and they do so love to take the mickey, I don't need to add any more fuel to that fire:)

  5. Yes I do get comments and rarely negative, usually very positive and nice! I work from home so don't often see the light of day though!

  6. Love your glasses, I work in a library at a University so I can wear whatever I like which is great. Most of the students are about 18 and Cardiff has loads of vintage fairs so everyone has a great vintage bag or dress. I blend in a little bit where I work so nobody ever really comments x

  7. I get some once in a while and I cant blame you for not wanting to ruin your clothes at work. Like art class, young kids are equally as messy. I get something on me nearly every day almost so if Ill die to get something on it, I save it for a special day.

  8. I do get a lot of comments (and stares!) and I have yet to meet anyone who had been negative. Which I am thankful for. Personally for me , a lot of "vintageness" comes from the hair and makeup anyway :) Thats a 2 day set? You lucky thing!

  9. I get comments all the time, almost always in the positive. Occasionally I do get the eyeball from someone who doesn't get it, but I always give them my biggest smile and I usually get a smile back. There is one guy at work who does NOT care for my style, but he rarely says anything negative. He just over-compliments my look on days when I don't bother doing my hair! "I just love your hair so much when it's straight." It's pretty funny.

    Anyway, when you said you were an art teacher and worried about getting your vintage clothes dirty, I immediately thought of the vintage artists smock! Here's a pattern I found on line...

    How cute is THAT look?

  10. I get comments quite a bit, and in the most random places too. Usually positive, which is wonderful. I just hate it when they say I look like Christina Aguilera. Nothing against her, but I don't look like her (only that I am blonde) and that is not the look I am going for! LOL.

    I work in a spa so I too am allowed to wear whatever I want. I have a few clients who love my style and every time I take an appointment over the phone they end the conversation with "great, see you then, and I can't wait to see what you are wearing". If that doesn't make a girl feel good I don't know what does. I truly love being able to express my true style and personality. On the days that I may get things dirty however, I don't wear nice vintage. So I can totally relate to you on that piece. Nothing worse then spilling or staining a dress that you like, it can be heartbreaking. I do have some dresses that I have save that aren't in great condition that I wear when I am cleaning or gardening, then I don't worry a bit if it gets wreck!
    Can't wait to see your fab frock at retrorama!

  11. I also don't wear my vintage at work, but that's mainly because I'm a scientist and I would like my clothes to not be destroyed by accident. I really have had a lot of compliments on my style where I live, but I do find it most amusing, that the only time I have ever received negative comments or "dirty looks" from people while wearing vintage styled clothes was when we went on vacation to Walt Disney World for New Years. Apparently wearing wide leg 1940's styled jeans or long culottes with retro sweaters is a "ridiculous way to dress" at WDW when everyone else was wearing baggy t-shirts and shorts. To each their own though!

  12. I also am an art teacher to 12-18 year olds here in Wales.
    I love wearing my vintage skirts and cardigans to work.
    Only problem is they now notice what I wear every day so much more pressure!
    I have a cool pair of baggy dungarees always on hand when I do messy art work with the kids.
    I have tried to keep my love for vintage china quiet from work but a few have discovered my blog and my flickr site.
    And now a lot of them are doing Vintage type things for their final art exams! Which is quiet funny.
    I need to work on my hair though, so should get your tips on how to look better!
    Love you hair, mine is a little longer and never stays curly, booo.

  13. i have had some people say i only dress like i do for attn... i dont care what people think and think it funny that they seriosuly think i do things for them. ive never let negative stop me before, im happy with me. but i do get positive as well and that is always fun <3 i usually go for retro pin-up and im not so great at vintage hair yet... been thinking of cutting my locks so it can be styled retro easier