Monday, May 16, 2011

Retro Rama and stuff...

Sorry for the absence in my post it must just be that time of year where people get busy because I have noticed lots of blogs have gone down in the number of post that are being written.  What has kept me out of blog land?  Well garage sale season opened up big with the a city wide garage sale in the suburb I grew up in.  My mom and i usually go together but sorry not really a vintage trip so much as shopping for the kids although I did see some lovely 50's lamps for a reasonable price but I passed them by as I really don't have a need for more lamps but I still keep thinking about them perhaps I should have got them oh well too late now.

We also attended Retrorama a yearly event that takes place at the Minnesota History Center.  We had a great time although I thought the fashion show was a bit of a bomb.  We got priority parking for showing up in my husbands 57 chevy.  Anyway here is a picture of my husband and I. He has on a 1950's suit I picked up for him on Ebay and I have on a 40's Rayon dress also from ebay (no label it appears to be handmade).

And finally here I am with the lovely Dress Dame if you have not had a chance to check out her blog you should check it out ( and please excuse my angry look).  I also got to meet the lovely Dead Pan Diva of the fedora lounge unfortunately I did not get a photo of us together and she had on this lovely 30's dress she had made.  

Well my final blog distraction was getting some plants in my garden.  I have about 16 tomato plants some peppers, peas, beans, carrots, lettuce, and radishes that I am happy to say have already sprouted.  I will try to post some pictures when things start taking off.  Well take care and have a good week.


  1. Goodness that dress is FABULOUS! I love the design on that fabric it's gorgeous! Glad to hear you had a lovely time and good luck with the garden!

  2. Oh how fun! We don't have any events to wear vintage around here, you are lucky!Looks like fun!

  3. Dress - glasses - hair - all lovely!!! :) I have stopped posting 3 times a week because I bore myself - let alone other people!! I am also flitting about Twitter a lot :)

  4. The Retrorama sounds fun... a little like the Modernism Show we have in Denver every August.

    I just discovered your blog the other day (After you commented on my post about blogger going haywire) and I wanted to say hello! I noticed that you live in MN, and perfect timing, I will be heading to MN next month for the Back to the Fifties car show. I've never been before, and I would so, so appreciate if you had any recommendations for what to do in the twin cities area (what to see, what to eat, where to shop) . My husband grew up in the Minnetonka area but hasn't been back much since he moved to Colorado nearly 10 years ago.

    Anyway, great blog and I look forward to reading more!

  5. Thanks for posting this Susan! I love it!(and i am going to steal it off the internet here ;-) It was great chatting with you and your husband! Hope you two had as much fun as I did!

    Thanks so much for the plug! Hope to see you two out again for Big Sandy!!!

  6. What a great event! Found a photo of DeadPanDiva in the flicker event photos linked on Retrorama's webpage!

  7. Dress Dame we are still working on a babysitter for Big Sandy.

    Nicole I think you will have a great time at back to the fifties although it sometime it can be a bit of an old car guy event. My husband and I will be there and you may want to talk to Dress Dame who posted above as she doesn't have kids and gets out way more than I do. But keep in touch and I will see whats going on closer to the event and send you some links. Let me know what you are looking for vintage shoping? I know the Betty Page shop will be open at the Mall of America then.