Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mod Cloths has Miss L Fire!!!

Ok I just discovered the other day that Mod Cloths sells Miss L Fire shoes.  Ok so there still out of my price range but nice to know there is a US supplier to at least cut down the shipping cost.  If you you have not yet checked out Miss L Fire you really really should. Above are a few I saw at Mod Cloth that I would by if I were richer than I am now.  Happy Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Half dress up but didn't go out!!!!

Ok so I having been having a dilemma.   I have closets full of dresses and skirts and other fabulous vintage clothes and I have gained too much weight to were many of them. This as you can imagine has a big affect on going out as I feel I have nothing to wear. Take tonight for instance, I was going to go to the history center and hear a talk about home grown Pin Up artist Gil Elvgren as well as some of Munsing Wears more risqué campaigns but it took me so long to find something that still fit me that I threw in the towel and didn't go.  I have been debating my weight loss options.  I seem to have a hard time keeping the weight off since moving in with my husband.  I used to never sit around and watch thats about all he does when he gets home from work.  Also I used to limit the food I keep in the house but with two growing boys I find it is very useful to be able to feed them regularly.  I managed to loose a lot of weight right before our wedding 5 years ago by joining a group called slim for life and while I did not stay slim for life I did manage to take off 25 pound and I kept much of it off until I was pregnant with our youngest.  I did join weight watchers and join  a community center and managed to loose about 12 pounds but I quit because my husband started his own business and money got tight so I had to cut some things out.  so over the winter I have put back on everything I lost when I was on weight watcher.  I used to run and go out dancing 3 nights a week.  I haven't been running since being pregnant and I was thinking of starting a training program for a 5k.  I also considered joining a Golds Gym in our neighborhood as well as rejoining Weight Watchers again.  Ladies please feel free to give me your feedback what has worked well for you in terms of not just losing the weight but keeping it off?

So anyway this is me tonight hair and make up ready to go I even put on my new hair flower that I won in in the in a give away by Nifty Thrifty Retro Mama if you have not checked out her blog I highly recommend it.  Thanks again for the flower Nifty Thrifty Retro Mama!!! Sorry about the poor quality photo I have plans to take a better one with good lighting later.  Anyway shoot me some ideas on weight loss please.  I really need to get moving and eating less.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming Soon to the Mall of America: Betty Page Clothing

Its true Betty Page Clothing is opening a store only a short 20 minute drive from my house.  So I decided to  do some fantasy shopping on line today.  Since I have never had the opportunity to visit a Betty Page Store I am curious to see what is in the store versus what is on line.

So thinking in a practical sense these are some piece I could see getting lots of use in the next few months.

These High Waisted Capri would be great for up coming spring and on cooler summer days.

I could also see wearing these high waisted shorts in the summer months and I could also make use of the Lucy blouse with Bows as well.

OK how cute is the sailor inspired dress being modeled by the lovely Doris Mayday.  I also really love the teal of the Rita Dress and the Military dress well perhaps not till fall and winter but how cute is that.  Finally the day dress directly above is definitely adorable.  I have not found out yet when the store is opening but I am excited to see what is in stock when they open and I can find the time to visit the store.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lady Head Vases

These are my three lady head vases.  I have had the one in the middle for so song I can't remember how long I have had her I would estimate about 15 years.  The lady in the black hat I have had for about 8 years I bought her at an estate sale she has a few chips but I still think she is lovely. The lady on the far right is the largest and I think the prettiest (sh....don't tell the other girls) I bought her at one of my favorite local antique stores called Succotash.  Do any of you have lady vases?  I invite you to post pictures on your blogs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MIA sorry I have been so sick.

I have been struck down by the flu and have been in bed for days with a temperature cough, chills, headache, all classic flu symptoms hope to be able to but together a decent blog post by this weekend. In the mean time I was thinking that a nurse visit would be nice to have.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I finally found a it!!!

Has there ever been a vintage pattern that you would really like to have a copy of but you can't find a copy in a decent size or price?  Well I finally got a copy of Advance 8551.  This is a pattern I have been looking for years.

  Advance patterns were the house patterns of JC Penneys from 1933 to 1966.  This pattern is a new look pattern of the 1950's  what I really love is the red dress with the polka dots on the front and I would love to try one similar to that.  Is it silly to want to make the dress you see on the front of the pattern?  I don't think of myself as lacking imagination but sometimes the designer of the pattern just sells you on the piece on the front.  The great thing about finding this pattern is that I bought it in a lot with 22 other patterns by Advance that all appear to be New Look 1950's patterns better yet I got all 23 for 23 dollars (that includes my shipping) that is 1 dollar a piece!!!! Woohoo is all I can say.  By the way the pattern posted above is a picture I saved from the first time I saw the pattern and the one I bought is a much more reasonable size although not my size I will have to play with sizing it up a bit which may be tricky with this one so if you have any advice for me please feel free to make suggestions.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alfred Shaheen

Alfred Shaheen is my favorite designer of Post WWII Hawaiian fashion.  I am the proud owner of 4 Shaheen dress one swimsuit and a teatimer.  Shaheen where to start: I think the story started when Shaheens parents moved to Oahu in the 1930s and brought with them their families custom manufacturing buisness.  Alfred was still in California at this time attending college studying aeronautical engineering.  At the advent of WWII Shaheen enlisted in the Army Air Corps where he flew combat missions over France, Italy and Germany.  Upon his return from the army he started working for the family buisness which he expanded to include include Aloha wear.  Most companies at the time imported fabric but Shaheen started to print and dye under the the name Surf n Sand Hand Prints.  Shaheen continued his buisness until he retired in 1988.  If you want to know more about Shaheen try here.

sorry folk about no photos of my own collection my camera is out on loan right now and well I was suprised to find I did not have any pictures on my computer of me in any of my Shaheens.  I will try to post some when my camera is back. Take care