Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thrifting Finds

Today I did some thrifting.  I found the Poodle at a Good Will store by my Moms house.  I can say though that I really don't like thrifting at good wills.  First of all they sort by color and they don't mark and sizes on their clothes.  It makes looking there for any clothing a bit overwhelming besides the fact that I haven't found any vintage clothing at a Good Will in about 10 years.  What I had stopped at the Good Will for was a slip and they had none. NONE!!!! All I found was the poodle and a 70's avocado green ice crusher (which I bought for my in laws because they like those 70's colors).  The poodle was 4 dollars and the Ice crusher was 6 dollars so not too bad a stop.  Later in the afternoon I stopped at a Valu Thrift where I happily found 3 full slips not positive of the their vintage but definitely older than the 80's I am guessing from the tags.  I also bought  a camisole and three half slips and paid a grand total of $13.54 so again not a bad find and it was what I was looking for as we have a wedding to attend on Saturday and well last time I needed a slip they seemed to have left the building.  Have I ever mentioned that I think I have a black hole in my house?  Right now it seems to have a fondness for beige slips and black pedal pushers oh and my purple polka dot peasant blouse that I made for myself and didn't post this spring and well now it is gone into the black hole living in my house.  Well enough about that do you all have any favorite places to thrift?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Make and Mend Month.

So I am trying to take on the New Vintage Ladies Make and Mend Month challenge but I have to say that I was so busy with the end of the school year wrap up that I am now have a bit more time to work on this.  So last night I took on two repair projects that have been needing to be done.  One was on my fixing the eye hook on one of my vintage skirts.  Its a sears probably from the 70's but it is Aline and has a very 40's look to it. Next was just adding a eye and hook to my Betty Page shorts.  They would start to unzip if I bent over too far so it was really a must for me and since they are one of my favorite clothing items for summer casual I really wanted to finish that repair.  Next I should really tackle repairing a Swirl wrap dress I won on ebay and then yesterday at a car show another vintage wrap dress of mine came apart (luckily I was sitting at the time and had brought a change of clothes to the car show).   If you want to join in one the Make and Mend Month here is a link to the New Vintage Lady blog July is make mend month.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retro Lawn Furniture

Have you noticed a resurgence of retro style lawn furniture?  I just got this yellow glider from Lowes a few weeks ago.

I also have a few red metal lawn chairs with a little matching table that I found at Kmart but they were out of matching gliders so when I saw this one at Lowes I could not resist.  I have also seen meal lawn chairs at menards too.  I think all these items are being clearenced out so if there not all gone already I would snatch them up folks.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Busy Time

Well I have been really busy lately perhaps you have noticed my absence but it is ok if you didn't. Work has been taking over and with the weather being nicer I have been spending less time near my computer.  On a positive note I finally started working on eating more healthy and getting more exercise and I lost 7 pounds in the last month Yay!!!!

Last week my husband I attended a friend of his.  Now I don't know if you know this (or care) but Brian Setzer has been living in Minneapolis with his Wife for the last couple of years. Well he is friends with my husbands friends and was in attendance of the Block Party.  I have been a Stray Cats fan since my teenage years so it was very exciting to actually get to be in a conversation with Brian although I was more concerned about not sounding dumb and saying something stupid like "Stray Cat Strut in my ringtone".  But I think I did ok.

Here I am at the party on my left is Steph a lovely young lady with lots of vintage style and on my right is also lovely Ashley aka Doris May Day.  You have to excuse the top I had on it lost a button. Yikes.  I was wearing my new Betty Page shorts though but its hard to see as they are black.

One of our local bands played, the Reckless Ones and they are always excellent.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ode to the 50's wrap dress

Well I have to say I am a big fan of the house dress and well the best house dresses in the 1950's was the wrap dress.  I have a few originals and I have some patterns that I would really like to make up one of these days when I can spare some time.  Thinking of sewing a few got me looking at the vintage pattern wiki.  These are some of the patterns I found.

 Well I hear everyone and their mother has made the Butterick walk way dress.  I have not attempted one yet but Dress Dame told me that you need to line the skirt for this one to work well.  I have both an original copy and the reproduction copy of this pattern. 

 And here is the Advance version of the walk away dress.

The Anne Adams version.

 Speaking of mail order patterns how I love the buttons on the front of this one.
 Another mail order I believe I have this Marianne Martin in my collection.

 Is bigger better?
I love big pockets I need to make a gigantic pocket wrap dress!!!!
I think the pattern companies were having a big pocket wrap dress show down to see who could make the biggest ones!!!

 Ok this butterick doesn't have the biggest pockets but it could still eat crackers in my bed.
 Well yes not a wrap dress but it sure give that feel I really like a good wrap blouse so I couldn't resist putting this one in the mix even though its not technically a wrap dress.