Monday, May 9, 2011

Victory Garden in Victory Rolls

Did you know that by the end of WWII 40% of the nations vegetables were grown at home?

When I was growing up my dad always had a garden growing in the back yard he composted; much to the dismay of the suburban neighbors.    I don't know what it is about digging in the dirt and getting things to grow that I find so satisfying but for some reason I do.

My family up was up and helping with the victory garden on Sunday (it probably helped that our internet connection had and outage yesterday).  Saturday I purchased a new rain barrel and compost bin through the district we live in.  So I worked on  installing them, this morning while my husband and oldest son made me some raised beds (happy mothers day) for planting in.    So no plants going yet but we are well on our way we just need to fill the new beds up and well get some rain for the barrel and get that compost collected and decomposing.  Well I will update with pictures when something is actually growing not much to show right now.  I know many of you have probably started your gardens weeks ahead of us Midwesterners but well the winter just didn't wan't to leave us this year but I think we are finally in some safer territory.  Oh and the victory rolls they stayed in the whole time shoveling and rooting in the dirt.
Happy Mothers day everyone...


  1. I really want to plant me a little garden. :)

  2. I have been thinking more and more about having vegetable beds because well we're vegetarians so we do eat a lot of veg and we're skint so I guess it would be cheaper to grow and it tastes better! However as I have only just sown a lawn and it's starting to grow for now I think I'll leave it at that!

  3. My husband and kids planted peas, spinach, lettuce and melons while I "supervised" this Sunday. Seems to be a Mother's Day tradition around here. lol But after Hubby gets it all in, it's up to me to weed, mulch and harvest. :)

  4. I love planting a veggie garden! I plant a tiny one every year in my back garden and grow tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, egg plant...etc. This year since I'll be moving in June, there will be no little garden in my back yard but the consolation prize is I will get a big acre of land to garden on with my new hubby! Not such a bad trade in my opinion! hahaha


  5. For those ladies not gardening I recommend starting with some container plantings not as good for tomato's (although some people have great success with it) but for herbs which can be rather expensive it works very well. I personally grow my strawberries in containers and have pretty good luck with them in pots then it the fall I plant them in the ground for the winter and repot them in the spring.