Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We are going to see The Killer

No not the Mrs. Peacock in the drawing room type of killer. 

 Its the Jerry Lee Lewis aka The Killer. 

 My husband surprised me today with tickets to see Jerry Lee play in Chicago in July.  He even booked a hotel room and arranged babysitting for the boys.  Very sweet of him although he did this because of old guilt from the last time we were supposed to see him play together here is the story.  I was going to Miss Jerry Lee  at the Green Bay, Wisconsin at the last Rockin 50's Fest II in 2005 because he was scheduled to play the very first day on Monday and I could not get out off work until Wednesday, although my husband was able to go to for the entire week.   Then Jerry Lee rescheduled the show for Tuesday. With some  finagling on my part I left for the festival and should have made it to Greenbay just in a nick of time in order to see him play. I drove at breakneck speeds from work across Wisconsin only to have my husband give me some inebriated directions that got me lost for the hour that Jerry Lee preformed.  Then for the rest of the week all everyone talked about how great Jerry was and did you see him preform.  No I didn't! I had literally walked in the doors to the show as everyone was walking out them.  Needless to say I still had a great week but was a bit peeved at my husband. Well this year when Jerry Lee played at Viva Las Vegas and we couldn't afford to go, I guess he started looking online for a way to get me to see Jerry Lee and he bought tickets right away when he saw he was playing Chicago this summer.  Although he is planning a quick get there see concert drive home trip. Its a 7 hour drive for us.  I think I might have to work on him about extending the stay a wee bit as Chicago is a great place to visit and I am not really sure what his rush is as the Grandparents might not mind having the boys for 2 days and well nobody has to work until Tuesday and the show is on a Saturday.  Well more on this later as it develops....


  1. Definitely finagle a bit more time in Chi-Town. Especially since you'll be sans children! Must make that precious time last a little longer. :)

  2. Have fun!
    (and get good directions ;)