Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ode to the 50's wrap dress

Well I have to say I am a big fan of the house dress and well the best house dresses in the 1950's was the wrap dress.  I have a few originals and I have some patterns that I would really like to make up one of these days when I can spare some time.  Thinking of sewing a few got me looking at the vintage pattern wiki.  These are some of the patterns I found.

 Well I hear everyone and their mother has made the Butterick walk way dress.  I have not attempted one yet but Dress Dame told me that you need to line the skirt for this one to work well.  I have both an original copy and the reproduction copy of this pattern. 

 And here is the Advance version of the walk away dress.

The Anne Adams version.

 Speaking of mail order patterns how I love the buttons on the front of this one.
 Another mail order I believe I have this Marianne Martin in my collection.

 Is bigger better?
I love big pockets I need to make a gigantic pocket wrap dress!!!!
I think the pattern companies were having a big pocket wrap dress show down to see who could make the biggest ones!!!

 Ok this butterick doesn't have the biggest pockets but it could still eat crackers in my bed.
 Well yes not a wrap dress but it sure give that feel I really like a good wrap blouse so I couldn't resist putting this one in the mix even though its not technically a wrap dress.


  1. Has anyone made the first Butterick pattern? I have the repro "Retro Butterick" pattern but I've never made it. I saw it made up one time and it didn't look exactly right.

  2. I saw one at Big Sandy a few weeks ago and it was really cute. I know dress dame said she made a few.

  3. Oh and I think there is a whole thread on the fedora lounge about the walk away dress too.

  4. The 50s is so not my era, but man did it have style! Look a those lines! I'm still easing into making my own clothes, mostly because things apparently cost money (who knew!?), so I'm waiting on my shot to get some nice fabric then it's hand stitching!

    I absolutely love the collar on 6144!

  5. I recently bought the repro Butterick pattern, but am yet to get started on it. I'll post in my blog when it's made!

  6. I've made three wrap styles, the infamous Butterick 6015, the above mentioned "crackers in bed" Advance 7753 and a repro blouse ( While the dresses were easy to assemble, the fit was wonky and both have been made into other things. They're so classic '50s that you should definitely give it a try though!

  7. Like Susan said, I have made the Butterick 6015 but you need to line it. It doesn't call for it but if is essential! I've also made the Ann Adams? 9088! It is supper cute, and folks always comment when I wear it, however, it isn't a windy day kinda dress! I have been at car shows and the whole back of my dress has blown open! Thank goodness for slips!

  8. Oh all of these are just gorgeous! I think this spring I might try whip up a few house dresses :)