Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alfred Shaheen

Alfred Shaheen is my favorite designer of Post WWII Hawaiian fashion.  I am the proud owner of 4 Shaheen dress one swimsuit and a teatimer.  Shaheen where to start: I think the story started when Shaheens parents moved to Oahu in the 1930s and brought with them their families custom manufacturing buisness.  Alfred was still in California at this time attending college studying aeronautical engineering.  At the advent of WWII Shaheen enlisted in the Army Air Corps where he flew combat missions over France, Italy and Germany.  Upon his return from the army he started working for the family buisness which he expanded to include include Aloha wear.  Most companies at the time imported fabric but Shaheen started to print and dye under the the name Surf n Sand Hand Prints.  Shaheen continued his buisness until he retired in 1988.  If you want to know more about Shaheen try here.

sorry folk about no photos of my own collection my camera is out on loan right now and well I was suprised to find I did not have any pictures on my computer of me in any of my Shaheens.  I will try to post some when my camera is back. Take care


  1. Love the swim suit! Happy saturday wishes from Norway

  2. i have a beautiful shaheen dress, and i'm looking for an interested buyer. i'd love to show you pictures, if you'd like!