Sunday, March 27, 2011

Coming Soon to the Mall of America: Betty Page Clothing

Its true Betty Page Clothing is opening a store only a short 20 minute drive from my house.  So I decided to  do some fantasy shopping on line today.  Since I have never had the opportunity to visit a Betty Page Store I am curious to see what is in the store versus what is on line.

So thinking in a practical sense these are some piece I could see getting lots of use in the next few months.

These High Waisted Capri would be great for up coming spring and on cooler summer days.

I could also see wearing these high waisted shorts in the summer months and I could also make use of the Lucy blouse with Bows as well.

OK how cute is the sailor inspired dress being modeled by the lovely Doris Mayday.  I also really love the teal of the Rita Dress and the Military dress well perhaps not till fall and winter but how cute is that.  Finally the day dress directly above is definitely adorable.  I have not found out yet when the store is opening but I am excited to see what is in stock when they open and I can find the time to visit the store.


  1. Doris opens the store BY June 1st, but when she was here this last week she said more likely the last week in May!! She will be moving out here for good right after Viva!

    I love that you have been fantasizing too! You would look great in all of the items posted. I love, love, love those shorts!

  2. I love Betty Page dresses, you can only buy them lm line here in the UK - you are very lucky. x

  3. ooh, cute! i'm jealous! wish we had one.
    <3 mode.

  4. Lady Cherry I see tons of stuff you UK ladies are posting on line that you can get that we can't over hear or at least not with out the overseas shipping. I remember I bought quite a few cute things when I was in the UK and think some of them were just at the super market. Ps I miss my Matey Bubble Bath I still have that cute parrot container.

  5. Dress Dame thanks for the date update I kept looking on line but they don't have anything posted for an opening date. I was hoping Dorris would post something on facebook.

  6. She is still in the process of hiring so I don't know if that is why she hasn't or not. I told her the same thing. I think she is waiting for the grand opening to get the word out, especially since they just started the build out on Monday. haha