Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday Shopping Spree

I out in Wisconsin at my in laws lovely cabin.  I managed to get some time off to go to town and go antiquing yesterday.  Here are some of my finds.

I have been looking for a vintage sewing basket for ages and I was happy to find this pink one I am thinking it looks fifties to me.  I also picked a few blouse patterns and I bought a cigarette canister for my Mr Living Vintage because he has been into collecting old smoking paraphernalia lately.  I wish I was wealthy I saw so many fantastic items I would have loved to have gotten.

Here is a close up on the cigarette canister.


  1. Seriously awesome basket, so many different uses for it these days as well! Great find!

  2. Really loving your blog! It is so inspiring and loving all your collections!
    That’s why Fancy Vintage gives you the award for Stylish Blogger Award.
    I am new to this and have just been given one.
    I think that to receive the award there are 3 “rules”;
    1. Thank the one who gave it to you and link to their blog,
    2. Tell 8 things about yourself.
    3. Give the Award to 8 other blogs.
    Hope you like the award and find it not too hard to do!
    You can drag the Blogger award logo from my site to put onto your blog.