Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Cowboy and the Lady

I have to say I am a sucker for quirky romantic comedies from days gone by.  The Cowboy and the Lady staring Gary Cooper and Merle Oberon starts with the daughter of a judge who wants to run for president.  She is leading a very sheltered life.  She is sent to the family home in Miami Beach by herself to avoid a scandle because she had gone out dancing at a questionable establishment.  While there she decides to have the maids fix her up on a blind date with a cowboy from the rodeo.  The two hit it off and eventually marry but her father disapproves as he thinks if may affect his bid for the presidency.  Overall a cute story and Merle Oberon couldn't be more adorable. Her wardrobe is lovely and her hair is fantastic it is getting me in the mood to experiment more with some more 30's styles with the waves at the top and curls at the bottom.

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  1. i don't think i've seen this movie. but i love merle oberon in wuthering heights. i'll check it out.