Friday, February 18, 2011

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

I must have seen this movie on TV when I was in junior high.  I have loved it ever since.  Maggie the Cat played by Elizabeth Taylor at her peak and Brick played by Paul Newman with those lovely blue eyes.
Brick and Maggie go to visit Bricks family for his fathers birthday and to hear about his fathers test results from his medical test.  Adapted from a play by Tennessee Williams there is lots of drama.  Brick drinks too much after the death of his best friend who he thinks slept with his wife Maggie.  Big Daddy gets to the bottom of what is going on between the two.  Added to this drama is that the family is fighting over who will inherit Big Daddies fortune,Bricks brother Goober and his wife May are working hard to make sure they inherit it all and Maggie's does her best to make sure she and Brick don't lose their interest in the estate but Brick is uninterested in anything but his next drink.  Definitely worth a watch.


  1. I just love this film!! I read the book when I was at school, we were shown this film at the end of term, fell in love with it there and then.

    Its so full of tension and secrets, Taylor is so sultry and beautiful against Newman's torchered and destructive Brick! its just fabulous!

  2. I know what you mean Wendy, Liz and Paul really had the right chemistry in this film.