Sunday, July 21, 2013

Taking Measure

OK ladies I had something really surprise me this week.  I was getting ready to sell some of my vintage possessions at a festival (my house is busting at the seams) next weekend.  I was talking with a girl friend and she asked me if I would have anything fabulous she would love.  I said if she gave me her measurements I would let her know as I went through some of my dresses.  I was shocked that she didn't know her measurements.  Why was I shocked?  Well this lady has some great vintage dresses but she said she only buys them at vintage stores and events.

Why is it important to know your measurements?

  1. You can find some great deals on vintage shopping on etsy, ebay, or even on vintage groups on face book but you won't know how it would fit unless you take your measurements.
  2. Reproduction clothing can be fabulous too. Unless you live in California or New York you may not be able to find them locally in stores. How do you know it will fit? Well you could go off your size but really I find sizes can be inaccurate.  One companies six could be another companies eight.  This is where knowing your measurements comes in handy.  You will have a pretty accurate idea of fit if you know your measurements.  
  3. Buying clothing in other countries.  American sizing, European sizing and British Sizing are all different.  How will you know it will fit and save yourself a pricey return overseas.  Again most companies have a size chart on their website that will tell you in inches how their clothes will fit you.  So know your measurements and check the size chart.
  4. Even buying vintage locally knowing your measurements can help. I like to measure before I even try on I would have to rip a beautiful dress that has survived the last 50 or more years.  I like to measure before I ever step into a dressing  many vintage stores and sellers will even put the measurements on the clothes on display.

So ladies measure yourselves and shop vintage and reproduction with confidence.

Kind Regards, Susan


  1. it had never occurred to me that measurements could be so important for anything other than sewing. Thanks for the tip! =)

    1. I used to carry a take measure in my purse at all times just in case I ran into a vintage item I wanted to try but I am not as vigilant now.