Friday, July 5, 2013

I should make this into fabric.

I have always wanted to design some fabric and I think that spoon flower makes it really ease for the people to do.  I was really inspired by these fireworks graphics (I thought I want this but I don't want to blow it up.  I noticed this year there was a lot less Asian style of graphics at the fire works stand than in the past and a lot more military looking graphics.  My sons love this but I found it a bit sad.

 I also thought these little teapots and vintage car were too cute though not the Asian graphics still adorable.

 I know Charlotte @ Tuppence Ha'penny did a tutorial on making fabric designs here.  This vintage lady also has lots of other fantastic tutorial so you really should check out her blog.
So does anyone have any tips for making fabric on spoon flower?

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  1. Sorry, I can not help you in your desire for the web, but I came to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend. If you finally do this project, I'm excited to see it! Greetings.