Friday, July 19, 2013

Garage Sales Finds

I have been a fan of garage sales since I was a kid and realized I got lots more toys when my parents found them at garage sales and they didn't have to pay full price for them.  Today my own son wanted to go to some garage sales.  I have been avoiding garage sales this summer for two reasons.
 Reason 1 I have been broke and even though garage sales are cheap I have been trying really hard not to spend.
Reason 2  My house is busting at the seams I need to clear out not add on.

But I promised my son, so we drove around our area looking for some signs (I did not look anything up on craigslist sometimes I like to be surprised).  I found two great vintage garage sales and spend a grand total of $16.  Not out that much money.  But well more stuff.  Oh well you can't win them all.

Pyrex Bowl

 Ceramic Art Vases

 Hand Embroidered and Cross Stitched Dresser Scarves, Vintage Gloves, Vintage Scarves

Alaska metal souvenir tray and small round table cloth.

Rhinestone Dress clips and confetti Lucite earrings with shells and a pin.

And finally this cute clear umbrella with pink and white polka dots.

There are also 2 sets of Asian figurines that I didn't get a close up picture of but they were a steal for $2 a set.

Best score of the day for me was the dress clips.  I have have been really wanting a nice pair and these are lovely and well you can't beat the price 50 cents.
Do you garage sale?  What was your best score.


  1. Last week I scored some carnival glass for cheap-cheap: a blue iridescent punchbowl with ALL the cups and yet another fruit bowl (I have lost a lot of carnival glass to breakage; both of my previous bowls stress-cracked while I was washing them despite the fact the water was merely tepid, so it was nice to acquire one again for a reasonable price-$5! The punchbowl and cups were only $25!

    There was also a bunch of tools: a drill press frame (unused) for $5 ,a mechanized scrub brush(unused) for $2, and 50 cents for a roll-up downspout diverter thingy (unused) for the neighbours (their rain downspout is right next to our garage and all the moisture is compromising the concrete of our garage floor so I am going to present them with the fait accompli of installing this thing on their downspout so the rain is diverted AWAY from the garage- and, incidentally, from their OWN house foundation, as well! I bet they don't notice for weeks!) It was a weekend of garage sale scores!

    1. My Mom has a huge collection of both carnival and depression glass (that is probably why she took me to garage sales when I was a kid).
      We have the opposite neighbors they cut down some small tree that were growing in a woodsy part of our yard and started mowing 9 feet over the property line (we have a really large yard with lots of trees). I put in a little garden with brick edging in the problem area.

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  3. What an AMAZING haul! I love estate sales...more than garage sales. Around here, garage sales are usually kids clothes and/or toys...whereas the estate sales have the vintage goods. So jelly of your awesome finds!

  4. Cassie it could be the neighborhood too. tThe neighborhood I was in was what I would call a turn over neighborhood, a lot of older people perhaps on their way out and younger people moving in. So you can get a mix. It's an older suburb basically. The newer suburbs never really have as good of stuff. I do occasionally estate sale but they get really crowded and as I usually have a 5 year old in hand it can be a bit too intense for him. I have to say that I have honestly found some good items cheaper at garage sales too. So I say don't give up on garage sales just find one in a neighborhood full of older people they will have the stuff you are looking for.