Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why Blog? Inspiration?

thanks for the inspiration Snoodlebug

Why do we blog?  I love to read blogs but I am no great writer.  I admit that visuals are more my thing (ok I guess that is why I am a visual art teacher).  I often scan pictures before I read the blog, I know judge a book by its cover and all that.  So maybe the question is why haven't I blogged?  Busy, tired,  out of inspiration?  Well not really I am inspired all the time but taking the time to write is sometimes more than I can do.  This week I was inspired by the lovely Lisa at Snoodlebug.  She posted about why she hadn't blogged in while.  If you haven't seen her blog you should really check it out she did a great tutorial series on Hollywood hair that I highly recommend.

Another post that inspired me this week was from Gertie about summer shoes and practical vs impractical.  I have recently been suffering from both foot and ankle problems.  I sprained my ankle this spring which then brought on a bought of plantar fasciitis.   Which means that I need shoes with low heals and really good arch support.  doesn't that sound like I should be wearing orthopedic shoes.  And while I probably should I think there might be some cuter options out there.  I was looking as some Dansko's here are a couple that I liked.

Anyone have any other shoe suggestions for me?

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