Monday, June 24, 2013

Dreams of Skirts

Well summer finally visited us in the Minnesota.  We had some 90 degree days that had me shuffle through my wardrobe look for some cool but classy (I was doing some workshops for my job this week).  I think every vintage loving girl needs to have an array of skirts to wear for all seasons but summer is when I really like to wear skirts.  I now have a bug to sew some skirts.  Here  are some options.

I love Gerties dirndl skirt above and I have a few border print fabrics I have been wanting to use so I have been looking at dirndl skirts as they work well with a border print.  There are lots of online tutorials on these skirts as your pattern is basically a rectangle at the length you want your skirt to hang plus hem.  Although one this I was wondering about with these skirts and border prints is the hem.  One tutorial I looked at recommended a 4" in hem to add weight which will help the skirt hand nicer.  With some of my border print fabrics.  I don't really have that much fabric to spare, In fact I may even have less than two inches.  Is there some way to add weight with out the excessive hem?

Oh and by the way Gertie has both an online tutorial for this skirt linked above to the source and one in her book if you have that also.


Aline skirts were very popular in the 1940s. I like this 4 gore example above by Jitterbuggin.  I love these for work as well as pleasure they give you room to move around but don't have too with out the over abundance of fabric that sometimes can be too billowing depending on how active you need to be. Right now I feel like I have more time and fabric so I think I will do what I can to make my own this summer.

Circle Skirts

Circle skirts are the classic skirt of the fifties.  I love the vintage Mexican circle skirts with their vibrant colors and beautiful art work.  While these can be found on ebay and etsy but they also are easy to make and you can make your own pattern easily.  

Pencil Skirts

Pencil skirts are the ultimate in sexy skirts.  The one above is by the retro clothing company Mode Merr and if you aren't familiar with them you should definitely go check them out they do make some adorable vintage inspired clothes.  Pencil skirts seem more easily attainable as they are still popular today.  Patterns are very easy to find.  

Well that is my thought on skirts for now I know there other varieties of skirts out there but these are the ones I am the most fond of so I will stop here.  What are your favorite skirts?


  1. Well, I love a beautiful circle skirt...though I've yet to make one...SO MUCH FABRIC! That dirndl would be the easiest and breeziest (I'm thinking the pencil would give me swamp much info? Sorry...) so I saw go for that. And it really wouldn't take you but a coupla afternoons. BTW, I'm giving away some lovely retro fabric on my'd be great for any of these skirts....

  2. I agree about the dirndl I have cut fabric except waistband I will have to cut that tonight. I also started an muslin of an aline but again I have to revamp waistline (my old patterns sizes have changed). tonight it is waistlines and then sewing.