Saturday, April 20, 2013

Aloha from Maui Days 3 and 4

Aloha, sorry for the absence but life always seems to get busy and then my blogging slows down.

So back to my Hawaii trip.
Day 3 Tuesday: We decided to go to see the Iao needle in Iao Valley State Park.  So again we were still waking up way too early despite our best efforts to stay up until 9 pm (2 am at home) we still woke up at about 4 am.  So of course we were on the road early for to there when they open at  7 am.  We did get there on time but the gates into the state park were closed.  So we parked at a heritage garden at the right near the gates and walked around the gardens which were lovely and also outline some of the history of the more prominent immigrant groups in Hawaii.  Here are some of the pictures.

The Korean Garden

 Portuguese Garden

The Japanese Garden

The Chinese Garden

(there was also a Filipino Garden but my pictures of it didn't turn out that well no offense meant)

So after wandering around the Gardens (mostly by ourselves) we walked to the gate for the state park but it was still locked so I suggested to my husband that we just walk up instead of drive (I have to thank my trainer for all the incline walking she has had me doing).  We found that there was a rock slide blocking the road but it we walked around it and had the park completely to ourselves. It was just gorgeous.
Mr Living Vintage pointing out the Needle

We also went to a Laua that night.  I had lots of trouble doing my hair we had been on the beach and playing in the ocean after the needle and then I showered but the blow dryer in our room was useless (the tradewinds do more to dry your hair) and I didnt have much time to spare to get my hair ready with hot sticks so I sacrified the back and left it straight and dried and rolled the top.  Sorry I don't have any great laua photos but I did get some of Mr Living Vintage and myself.

Outfit: Vintage Deweese Dress

Day 4 Wednesday:  The Road to Hana is something you must do when on Maui.  It is a winding twisty road that takes you through a rainforest past multiple waterfalls, Bamboo forest, fruit and flower stands.   It was very picturesque and what you probably picture in your head when you think of Hawaii

Our first waterfall on the Road to Hana
This was right next to where we parked our car to see the 3 bears waterfall (shown below).

Black Sand Beach at Waianapanapa State Park 

The road to Hana took us about 7 hours so when we got back to the hotel we just hung out on the beach and had some dinner. That is all for now Aloha


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  2. Oh, wow! Seeing your Maui posts is making me long to go back even more! I went there for two weeks in 2006. Me and the husband stayed at the Kaanapali Hyatt Regency. We loved it! The road to Hana was simply breathtaking. We rented a Jeep and just drove! I loved how some parts of the island looked other-wordly. One beach area is rocky with black stone and sand while another would be lighlty-colored and lush. To think volcanos created those islands! I loved the whole experience! And yes, despite the delicious food, it was expensive!! We went to the sushi bar place at our hotel and I can still feel the sticker shock! Anyway, prices or not, Hawaii is a place I think everyone must do at least once. It is magical.

  3. You look flawless throughout the trip! I do not think I'll be visiting this place ever because it is inaccessible to me, but you certainly had a lot of fun and I'm a little jealous, lol. Enjoy the small pleasures of life, darling!

  4. really enjoyed looking through your blog!!

    Will definitely be back when I need some inspiration!

    Authentic Alice