Sunday, December 9, 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

At least that is what my youngest son thinks he asked me today if it was Christmas as we have finally gotten a substantial snowfall.  We had to explain that snow does not equate Christmas.  But it was a pretty snowfall and as it is the first major one and it happened on a Sunday when we don't have to try to commute to work through it, we can say how lovely it is.

Now I think I have shared before what a bit fan I am of Flamingos both inside and out.  I also am a fan of most forms of Kitschy yard art (yes gnomes are also a big passion for me).  So I thought I would take advantage of the pretty snow blanketing our yard and take some yard art photos.  I hope you enjoy.

This is my favorite whirligig, pink flamingos with Carmen Miranda style fruit hats.

This last on is my favorite picture of the day I love that the ladybug whirligig looks like it is thumbing its nose to winter.  Lady Bug don't care.......

Happy Winter to all.


  1. Well hmmm It became Christmas here LASTNIGHT. We got alot of Christmas!!! *heheh*
    Those flamingo's must be freezing. ;)

  2. everything looks so cute covered in snow