Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decking the Halls

Hazel the Bunny

Today the boys and I decided it was time to pull out the Christmas season.  I had to do some improvisation this year as our new addition to the family (Hazel the bunny) has a chewing habit so   we had to make some adjustments.  Normally I have a vintage aluminum tree but when my sons were small we had to substitute a smaller prelit pink vintage inspired tree.  So with the bunny hopping about the house on occasion (she usually gets some hop time in the morning right before we leave for the day and in the evening when we come home she is a free range house bunny.  But bunnies are bunnies and they do like to chew.  I thought a tree a little up and out of the way might be the safer way to go.  So here is the results what do you think (I had a couple helpers)?  Have you decorated yet?  Do you have a special tradition?  I don't have all stockings up as I have been wanting to get new or make new stocking for years and well I still haven't done it but this may be the year.

Oh and we had a special "Jolly" Visitor.  What do you think does she not just look over joyed to be playing santa???

Have a holly jolly time decorating!!!!


  1. Your tree is so cute and pretty. I love it.
    *hehehe* @ Kitty Clause
    Hazel is such a nice name for a bunny. (Those giant ears are adorable)

  2. i learned tha hard way that you can't train a bunny not to bite wires. thank goodnes smy pinky wasn;t hurt when she chewed through the lights on the tree

    your pink tree looks lovely! and kitty does indeed look thrilled haha

  3. Hi there, love the pic of your cat her face says it all Hehehe.
    Heloise @ daisies and dragonflies