Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Rare Outfit Post

Yes I do rarely do this as I am never very satisfied with my own appearance but I really love this dress.  I bought it this summer from atomik*vintage on Ebay.  It is not a swirl but is very like one as it is a wrap with the closure in the back (my personal favorite style right now).   Love the blue hounds tooth print (I suppose a close up of fabric would have been nice, bad blogger) with the bright yellow flowers so cheerful.  I have to say I was a bit nervous about wearing this one as instead of a button closure at the top like a Swirl this dress a three snaps on the back.  I was concerned that if it pulled enough the snaps might give way but I wore it all day Saturday with out it coming unhitched.  I wish I could say I was going to wear this dress back to work tomorrow but I can't I will be back in my boring old work garb.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I also hope that if you are out on the east coast that you safe and dry.  

Oh and one final question.  I wanted to do a give away but have been indecisive about what I wanted to do I have considered a pattern (not vintage but a reproduction of a retro butterick) or a vintage apron?  Please comment with your opinions or what you would be more interested in.  Thanks again, Susan


  1. Oh very cute! At first I thought you were wearing an apron with the dress! I was like wow she did an excellent job finding a cool apron to match her dress. :p. hahaha

    Have fun at work tomorrow. If I still had my art teaching job, I would be starting back tomorrow too. Oh well the things we give up to get married....I guess I'll try the subbing route this school year!

    Ps...I like an apron giveaway myself.


  2. Cute dress! I rarely do outfit posts, either, but you and I must be psychically connected because we both just did one!

    Anyway, an apron would be something I would like to win....sorry, Mary, it's mine! hehe...

    Hope you and the family are well xx

  3. MaryD I think they designed this dress to look like you are wearing an apron as it only has the flowers in the front and the ties wrap to the back.
    Kim loved your outfit what a lovely dress, and it looks like you had lots of fun this summer.
    OK I will give everyone another day to weigh in but so far it is looking like vintage apron.

  4. Oh my gosh is that dress ever cute, I love it and you look great in it.

    I don't think you could ever go wrong with an apron.

  5. Such a cute dress you should do outfit post more often! I hate wearing my boring work clothes too!

    E :)

  6. That dress suits you to a T! I say apron, just because a pattern will have to be graded up or down and some people may struggle x

  7. Oh I rarely do outfit posts for exactly the same reason but you look so cute!! Lovely dress

  8. I'm going to agree with all the above posts regarding the cuteness of your dress...and tell me more about your camper! lol I think we've chatted campers already though. :) Did it get any use this summer?

    (and I vote can never have too many!)

  9. So beautiful! This dress has a wonderful fit on you, you look great!