Monday, August 15, 2011

Fresh Water Fishing Museum

Well I have been on vacation trying to get the most out of the end of my summer.  I took my two boys to my in-laws cabin for almost a full week.  It has been just the three of us except for the weekend when my husband came up.  While he was up we decided to try a little day trip and went to the Fresh Water Fishing Museum in Hayward Wisconsin.  Here are some pictures of our trip but please excuse my hair as I am up north and well I haven't been setting my hair as I spend a lot of time in our around the lake with the kids and it has seemed pointless I was completely lacking hair spray for any type of victory rolls etc...

So in this first picture you can see part of the museum the large Musky which you can go in and stand on the balcony, you can also fish for sun fish right under the musky.  I was really liking the man behind me's  conical asian hat.  I wore my nautical Betty Page shorts and a peasant blouse for the occasion I thought a nautical theme would work well even though it is hard to see here.

Here we are up on the balcony of the fish's mouth.

The grounds of the museum are filled with different types of larger than life fiber glass fish sculpture.  The one above is a sunfish that my 3 year old is busy reeling in.

The boys really enjoyed the all fish play ground.  Ok well I did too.

There was much more than shown here including big foots and a motor boat graveyard which I was surprised I found pretty cool seeing old vintage models of boats and motors. If you are ever in the area it is  worth a visit.
I also have been thinking over a way to celebrate my hundred followers with a give away I just haven't come up with the right idea for what to give away but it will come some so stick with me dear readers. Take care and enjoy the rest of your summers.


  1. That place looks quite fun! I would have enjoyed the playground too, I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF when it comes to Carnival rides, playgrounds etc. hahaaha

  2. this place looks so surreal. i love it!
    the first pic look like a still from a supercool B movie