Friday, August 5, 2011

Putting Up Food

I have been interested in canning for years but have been a bit afraid to try it on my own.  I have searched for someone to teach me and have not been able to find a soul that was interested.  This year I looked at a video on the Ball websight and decided I could do it myself.  Here is the video about how easy it can be (although I think they make it look much easier and less messy).

So here is some interesting things about canning:

  • Canning started in 18th century France when Napoleon Bonaparte was looking for a way to keep his army fed and offer a cash prize to anyone who could come up with a reliable method for preserving food.
  • The prize was won by Nicholas Appert thought it could be preserved like whine in glass jars.
  • The Mason jar was invented in 1858 and had the first reusable screw on lid.

Finally here is my first batch of Pickles hopefully they will be as good as they look.

Do you any of you can? Does anyone have any good recipes or advice for a novice canner?


  1. Hi!

    We've been canning like crazy! The veggie garden is coming on strong and so far we have done pickled garlic, dilly beans, salsa, green beans...and have lots of tomatoes to start canning today. We also freeze a lot of things too.

    Sgt took canning classes the other years at a local Farmers Cooperative Extension Office. He learned all about canning and has been teaching me. We do both hot water canning and pressure canning. It all depends on what you are canning which method you must use.

    Ball has a great canning book out about food preservation. I suggest getting that. We found ours at Walmart in their canning aisle.

    Your pickles look great!


  2. all this talk of food is making me hungry!! lol.

  3. i bought all the tools necessary to can about a year or so ago but got too nervous and never tried... good luck!

  4. Mary Deluxe I am jealous that you have such a good canning partner.

    aprettymess I think you should give pickles a go just try a few at a time and see what happens.

  5. I've only just mastered marmalade, so pickles and preserves are a long way off for me. A friend of mine jars 'crackle crunch pickled onions' which are amazing and I'd love to try!

    I hope your pickles turn out well :) x

  6. Gracious, I have canned for years!
    Its very satisfying to look into your pantry come winter and be able to pull out jams, vegetables and the like!
    I guess the only advice I can think of is to be sure your jars are hot (I keep mine in the dishwasher until I am ready to fill them, after you ladle your product into the jars, wipe the rim with a hot water rag to be sure you get a good seal and I have never wasted time water-bathing my jams and preserves. I ladle them into the hot jars, wipe rim, put on lids, set ring firmly and turn them upside down for 10 minutes. Then right side up and leave them alone to cool, preferably for 24 hours, but I usually fudge and gently set them in the pantry after they are room temp.
    I do prefer refrigerator pickles as they tend to get soft in the water-bath but I did make a couple of batches of marinated peppers that turned out awesome, no water bath as the vinegar content is high enough!
    Hope you enjoy the task :)

  7. I've been planning on pickling/canning for the past few years but have never gotten around to it... maybe I should give it another go!

  8. Nicole I am voting on going for it but you may be very busy and tired soon.... How long do you have left?