Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things Made, Things Found, Things Not Forgotten

OK so earlier this year I committed to a make a month and then never said another word about it on my blog.  I also committed to The New vintage ladies Make Do and Mend which I did say one thing about in a post but have been quiet about.   Another reader recently suggested I post my wash cloths (very beginning knitting projects) but OK here we go all that has been made lost and forgotten all in one blog.

Ok so this is my purple peasant blouse made months ago then lost I found it just last week in a bag of my sons I must have put it in there to transport and then forgot about it hence the wrinkles.  It is a bit on the large size it was made from Advance 4091 size 18. The 18 says it has a 36 bust but let me tell you that bust is anything but a 36 and therefore is very generous on me so I am now drafting a new pattern for a peasant blouse today.  Oh and also that skirt is one of my repairs I fixed the hook and eye on it.  Its straight up 70's but it has a 40's feel to it so I like it.

This is another dress repair.  I call this my ruffled wrap dress.  It fell apart on me at the Back to the 50's car show in June while I was wearing it!!!! Luckily I was sitting down when the wrap pulled out and I had a change of clothes with me and was near a restroom.  So above just one of the repairs I needed to make to the tie and side seem of this dress.

So as you can see I sewed up the side seam reattaching the wrap tie and also replaced the inside tie with the white ribbon as that came about in the laundry also.  So New Vintage Lady I have been busy.

The pillows I made with some Ikea Fabric from my stash so  I think they qualify for the New Vintage Ladies challenge of using a fabric you already have. I learned how to make french seams on these babies.  I made them through a craftsy class with Dianna Rupp.  I decided to take her class as I would classify myself as an advanced Beginner in the sewing world and only really started sewing a few years ago.  Now while I did take a class or two when I started nobody really taught me how to use my machine properly and this class was excellent for that.  My next class is sewing a saron dress with Gretchen from Gerties Blog for Better Sewing.  I have a feeling I will be taking my sweat time on that one.

Finally here are the said wash cloths. As I said these are very beginner knitting you can see the first on I made the ill shapen one with all the holes then the smaller ones beside it. Then I learned to purl and make a stockinette stitch and added knit stitches to keep them from rolling.

So readers thats is that.  More later I hope.  Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Great pillows! Have fun doing the sarong dress. I'm feeling the need for one of those in my closet as well... :)

  2. You should give it a try the Bopeep you seem like a much more accomplished sewist than I am and I sure you will bang one out in no time.

  3. Well done for the knitting accomplishments!

    And those cushions are just darling, I love the print xx

  4. The pattern is really nice on that dress. :)

  5. great work! The peasant top looks really cute, and the skirt is perfect. the wrap dress is a beauty! I love it. Good luck with the sarong dress! I wish I could pull my finger out and do some crafts too! Just too lazy... :)

  6. I really love the blouse, shame you have to alter it! The skirt is gorgeous too!

  7. The blouse is so cute.
    The ruffles wrap dress is great I am glad you were able to fix it.
    I can't knit but I am a begginer at crochet and my first dish rags were surely nothing to write home about *lol* My first one looked like a butterfly! =D (It was supposed to be a square!)

  8. Vintage Coconut I admire you if you can crochet I decided it was not the craft for me after many attempts which disappointed me as my grandmother was a crocheter. Butterfly dishclothes sound very nice.

  9. Your blouse is darling. It's great to be able to fix things up a bit and make it all new and useable again! Great pillows! We also love making pillows, and love the dishclothes :)

    Have a lovely day,
    Laura and Michele