Sunday, July 17, 2011

flooding, painting, and purling oh my

OK this may be a bit of an exaggeration but we did just have some major rain and well the water table really filled up and or basement got wet.  I was woken up yesterday at 6 am by my husband because our basement was starting to take on water.  The good news was that the room that was starting to take on most of the water was almost empty.  The bad news was that it was empty because it was the room I was renovating to be my sewing haven.   I was supposed to spend yesterday completing my paint job on the room then Monday my husband and I were going to tile the floor.  Instead I spend the first too hours of the day try to keep the water from doing much damage with an inadequate shop vac and some towels.  The good news is that I did manage to keep the water from doing any damage.  The bad news is that it may do this again.  We did have this happen about 6 years ago when we first bought the house but we changed the landscaping outside and thought we had solved the problem but no such luck.  It only seems to do this when we got a major torrential down pour which seems to happen every 6 years or so.  I really shouldn't complain because I think some of my neighbors had it much worse than we did I know two doors down they had standing water in their sons bedroom and laundry room.  I heard of some cars floating  in some underpass areas so all in all we were pretty lucky.

So here is a picture that is our new wall you can see the towel soaking up the incoming water and that is my dads shop vac that we borrowed as ours was too small to really make much of a difference.  The boxes up on the file cabinet are the tiles we were supposed to be putting down this week end.  As you can see I had painted the new wall ( my husband hung the sheet rock but I did the mudding and taping which is why you haven't heard much form me as I have been busy).

On a positive note I have taken up knitting I have started with simple wash cloths.  I have made 3 with just a knit stitch and friday I learned purling and I finished a wash cloth with a stockinette stitch last night. My end goal is to make something like the sweater above but it may be a while before I am whipping up sweaters no breath holding please.  Oh and the above sweater is a free PDF here


  1. Oh no, how awful to hear about your flood! You're so lucky nothing precious was damaged! I always insist upon living a-top a hill these days, what with global warming sending our weather crackers.

    Best of luck with your knitting! The V&A website has some free 1940s patterns if you can dig them out x

  2. What an absolute pain! How disappointing to as I'm sure you were really looking forward to converting your sewing room and now I bet you feel apprehensive about it :o(

    Good luck with the knitting, I can knit but I find it just takes too long to get a completed garment, but I should persevere!

  3. Oh no, I really do sympathise- we have been flooded twice too and it’s no fun living from a caravan for 7 months I can tell you!!! Actually I started knitting the year we were flooded (4 years ago) as it was the only thing I could do whilst the builders were in! Hope you get all sorted and back to normal soon- Tups x

  4. Oh no, that sucks! I hope you get it sorted soon. Well done with the knitting, I'm sure you will be knitting sweaters sooner than you think but be warned once you get going it can be very addictive:)

  5. Fiona you are absolutely right sewing and water do not mix well. Also we were going to put down some tile that will need to be glued and stay dry for at least 2 weeks and we have been having some really crazy weather of late more thunderstorms today (no water leaks today it seems if we get 5 or more inches at once is when it acts up) but it is more humid than the rain forest tomorrow temps is 100 with lots of humidity.

  6. Wendy you may be right I do find the knitting relaxing but haven't tried for more than a wash cloth so far so I may change my mind when I go for a sweater.