Thursday, July 7, 2011

Antiquing Finds from the Holiday Weekend

I have recieved my parcel that I forgot at the cabin, so know I can show you my finds.

I almost passed on this sweet little couple but them my husband walked up and commented on them and I know I had we should get them.

I got this cute little after shave jar for my husband to put on the back bar of his barber shop.

I got this little Florida pink flamingo creamer to go in my pink flamingo florida themed kitchen.

I also got these hankerchiefs I am particularly found of the one with the little yellow birds on it (please excise me for not pressing it before posting).

Well that was it but I could easily have spend thousands if I had had it to spend but as we are generally on a tight budget at  my house I generally look for little inexpensive things and I think the lady running the shop could tell that as she double checked me before ringing up the asian couple making sure I know they were 18 not 8 dollars and yes I did know that but it was nice of her to check.  

Take care for now readers I will be looking to do a give away soon as I am very close to a 100 follower mark so stay tuned and take care.


  1. I do too! Vintage asian themed knic knacs are a weakness of mine.

  2. those asian things are so cool!! :)