Saturday, June 18, 2011

Make and Mend Month.

So I am trying to take on the New Vintage Ladies Make and Mend Month challenge but I have to say that I was so busy with the end of the school year wrap up that I am now have a bit more time to work on this.  So last night I took on two repair projects that have been needing to be done.  One was on my fixing the eye hook on one of my vintage skirts.  Its a sears probably from the 70's but it is Aline and has a very 40's look to it. Next was just adding a eye and hook to my Betty Page shorts.  They would start to unzip if I bent over too far so it was really a must for me and since they are one of my favorite clothing items for summer casual I really wanted to finish that repair.  Next I should really tackle repairing a Swirl wrap dress I won on ebay and then yesterday at a car show another vintage wrap dress of mine came apart (luckily I was sitting at the time and had brought a change of clothes to the car show).   If you want to join in one the Make and Mend Month here is a link to the New Vintage Lady blog July is make mend month.

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  1. Oh! Patience, you remember that sewing is a hobby, not stress! I also sometimes take time to arrange for items forgotten in the closet, it is also rewarding as a garment has long been forgotten and you fix it, it's like brand new again pledge