Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wishing and Dreaming of Clothes and Shoes

Well Santa was on a tight budget this year so I was afraid to ask for too much.  I myself am on a no spending spree for a few months, but a girl can still dream of a new wardrobe (hey and maybe Santa will read my blog and grant a few wishes later).  So my plan is to occasionally post my wish list here so Santa and his helpers might be able to grant some wishes next year.  Also it will help me know what to order when I win the lottery which I am sure will happen very soon.

Ok one store I would love to have a dress from is Trashy Diva

or perhaps this jacket

I would also love some new shoes from Remix (I already have 3 pairs of wedges and they are my absolute favorite shoes to where with vintage outfits and they are also very comfortable)

Or as I a new interest in 30's styles perhaps these.

Well that is all for today but I plan to keep up my wish list more will come later. So toddles for now.

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