Monday, January 17, 2011

Holiday Sewing Frustration

Ok so I planned to spend my holiday sewing which I have but have become very frustrated.  I completed my muslin of Simplicity 4044 and decided I couldn't have found a more unflattering pair of pants for my body type so I will not be completing the end product.  So out of frustration about not completing a project I decided I would work on the most simple pattern I could find.  The pattern is Advance 4091 which is a peasant style blouse.  It has 3 pieces to the pattern and so far the most difficult part of the pattern looks to be sewing 3 eyelets for the ribbon to close the neckline and the sleeves.

I started by grading the pattern up a few sizes and I plan to make the muslin out of a bed sheet a purchased at a thrift store a few months ago ( you can see it right above the pattern).

Here is the Grading with Pattern and Sheet

Since I thought I would need more than just a bit added on the sides of this pattern I decided that I would try a new (to me) technique of slashing the pattern and adding the inches in between.  Hope fully this will work.  Since this is such a simple pattern I think it will come out fine (knock on wood).  I am hoping this will be a success as I get very frustrated with having nothing to show for my time in the last 2 muslins I made.  Hopefully I will show you some results by the end of next week end.  Take Care All

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