Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Bunny and Small Car

I love bunnies!

Doris Day with a bunny

This is the latest edition to our household dubbed Professor Klaus Von Hoppenstein but mostly called bunny right now.  He is a Flemish Giant right now at 2 months old he is as big as most the wild adult rabbits we see in our yard. His mom was 15 pounds and his dad was 18 pounds so he will be quite a large bunny.  We are house training him and (keep your fingers crossed) so far so good we just need to see what corner of his pen he wanted to use and put his litter box there and he has been using it.  He is a super friendly sweet little guy so far and the whole family (except the cat who runs away from him) is enamored.

The other edition to our household is the small MG Midget above.  I had to juxtapose it with my 59 wagon because the size difference is so funny.

(still bumper to bumper in front)

 Mr Living Vintage says he bought it for me but I think perhaps he may have bought it a bit for himself (he has always wanted a convertible).  It is a 72 MG Midget.  It is so fun to drive, as I really enjoy driving a manual and this is the only one we have well and it is a convertible.  I have to say I laugh at it a bit when I see it in the garage stall my 59 wagon usually occupies because it is so ridiculously small in comparison.

Other than these two fun events I am back at work as summer break is over so you may see fewer post than  August but my goal is at least 2 a month.  Take Care Readers till next post.


  1. Both cars are divine but that midget is so much more majestic than the ignominious name suggests! And what a cute bunny! Mine used to bite me whenever I picked her up, I think she was pretty feral, and sold to me as a domestic pet. Uh oh.

    All the best for the fall, it'll be Christmas before you know it xxx

  2. Oh my, I have serious car envy right now! I love your wagon- have been wanting one for years. My dream would be a 58 chevy wagon, but I wouldn't mind the 59 either! ;)

  3. That wagon would look amazing pulling your Silver Streak!