Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring and the Vintage Playground

Seriously I think it is the one thing one of my sons is very excited about is that the snow is gone and we can now go to playgrounds again (this picture was taken by my husband for me last year and it literally took me this long get it off his phone and on my computer).  Near us is a very mid century piece of playground equipment that I thought I would share with you.  

These Rockets made by artist Randy Walker was a nod to the space race of the early sixties.  Most of these rockets have been removed as being deemed out of date or unsafe. This one has managed to hide from modernization as it is in a large park with multiple playgrounds and it is a bit tucked away location so the other equipment is much more accessible. There was a similar one at a Park in another neighborhood  we lived in but since our move it has been made into sculpture because the neighbor hood protested when it was removed and was going to be destroyed.  

 As a vintage girl I feel that we are very fortunate that we have one that is still standing and able to be used as it was originally intended.  Do you have any vintage oddities like this that have some how survived modernization.


  1. Ohhh I once played in one that looked like your top picture. It was so much fun!
    When I would go on family vacations during my childhood I seen lots of cool vintage playground stuff. (I remember them because they were so much cooler than all the other NEW things they started filling playgrounds with.) Sadly there isn't any that I know of in the town I live in.

  2. You know there was some kind of study done recently about our new safer playgrounds and how we are not developing our kids brain functions with them because they are't having to think before they act. Like hey its mid day maybe I shouldn't climb up that red hot metal slide in barefeet right now it might hurt.

  3. oh my! i used to play in a rocket just like that! you sent me back =) i had no idea it was vintage or unsafe at the time... i wonder if it still exists

  4. Wow this looks amazing and so much fun! I wish I had something like that where I live when I was a kid! XxxX