Monday, February 20, 2012

Catseyes at Target?

Yes it is true.  I spotted them today.  The shape is a bit off the vintage styles they are a cross between the big bug style starlet glasses and the a catseye.  I was tempted but since I am prescription wearer (who does not do contacts) I did not partake but I thought I would share.


  1. I don't do contacts either, but ghetto-rig regular sunglasses over my actual glasses. Pretty classy.... :)

  2. oh cute! I just got a prescription for glasses last week. Ordered some killer cats eyes from dead mens spex. gone are the days of multiple pairs of sunglasses for me! :(

  3. I think 1950s retro/vintage styling is going to be big this Spring. Have you seen the new line from Prada? Also, Land-O-LakesGal, the FL is trying to put together a meet-up in Wisc Dells or Twin Cities area. Check for the thread. We need your input! :)

  4. Vera I have been know to do that too these would be a good pair for that as they are super large they would be sure to cover.

    Brittany yes it does suck when you move to the prescription glasses when it comes to the sunglasses get a cheap pair of ebay and have your prescription put in with a tinted lense (thats what I do).

    BoPeep yes I just was drooling over those Cadillac taillight heels hoping some one will knock them off but a bit lower. Thanks for the heads up I posted on the FL.