Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Dresses and the Royal Wedding

Well it is hard not to fall in with all the excitement of a royal wedding, so as I watch Kate in her 1950's inspired dress; it remind me of Grace Kelly's wedding dress.

I found this McCalls dress pattern from the 1950's that has a very similar look to it.

I have seen many predictions among the vintage community about what the dress will look like and I have to say that most the predictions I have seen were right on the money. Covered shoulders and a chapel length train check check I love how on the money these predictions are.  My son as we watch this wedding wants to  know if they don't do "you may now kiss the bride".  My son has a teacher from Plymouth on a Fulbright exchange so he has been hearing lots about the Royal Wedding (I am guessing more than most American 9 year old boys do). In fact my son is having a royal wedding party in his 3rd grade classroom today.  The kids have been encouraged to dress up but he said he would prefer not to but would like to wear his Mohawk up.


  1. I too as soon as i saw the dress i immediately came to mind that of Grace

  2. I promised myself I wouldn't watch the wedding yet here I am watching the replays of it on the news. lol.

  3. I was up at 4:55am just in time to watch Kate processing to church with her father. Stunning! And the hats! How I wish we still wore hats on this side of the Pond!

  4. BoPeep We must have been in Sync I didn't set an alarm but I figured if I woke up I would look, so there I was at a little before 5 am up watch the procession and in comes my oldest and started watching with me.
    I agree about the hats. I do wish I grew up wearing hats so they felt more comfortable to me now.

  5. You liked the hats - um - not sure about some of them and it is only weddings when hats get worn over here too. I wish they suited me more but don't think I would be wearing one Princess Beatrice stylee. Glad you loved it - we did it was fab.