Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its time to roll

So we finally went into the garage and got the vintage bikes out of storage.  The first is a mid sixties (we think) womens Space liner.  The second is badly in need of some work in fact it is now taken apart but I got a good  picute before we deconstructed it.  Its a Columbia and we think its a Fire Arrow maybe 59 but not sure. It needs new rims, and tires, new gears new pedals well and while we are at it we are going to sand down the body and have it painted.

Well hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday, take care


  1. If you need any help with the mechanics let me know. Noah works at Penn cycle in uptown and he specializes in old cruiser. He does some side stuff for cheap (usually beer or maybe haircuts!)

    I just totally redid my cruiser a couple of years ago. love it now! Good luck and post pictures when it's done! Can't wait to see.

  2. wow those bikes are fantastic!!! I'm so jealous...

  3. Dress Dame we should definetly talk when you get back from Vegas I will conact you on face book.

    two bones- thanks the red one is great I can't wait to get it moving the space liner also has lots of great little details that don't show up in the picture perhaps I will have to do another post and show off some of the details.

    Lina Sofia- I am jealous of your new fridge you lucky girl.