Sunday, March 10, 2013

Confessions of a Pinaholic

Pin #1 source

Pinterest Board #2 Vintage Inspired Gladrags
This was the second board I made when I realized pinterest was a great outlet for all my online shopping desires.  I pin instead of buy but if I do feel I have the money later I can go back to my pins and see if items are still available.  Below you find my opinions on the items and companies.  I am not paid to do this I just thought I would share my thoughts after all that's what blogs are for!!

Pin # 1 is a pair of Dungaree Dolls from Freddie's of Pinewood.  If you are not familiar with Freddie's you really need to go visit them online they have fabulous reproduction denims that can be difficult to find.  I love this particular sop because it looks like it was taken in the doorway of a silver streak trailer which is the trailer that we have and well I just think they are adorable!!!  I have these now as well as a few pairs of Jeans.  I will say that being a short gal the jeans don't work very well on my figure but the Dungaree Dolls fit great.  That being said the quality has been great so I do recommend them for a gal with a longer torso than mine.

Pin # 2 Source

Pin # 2 is the Elsie dress from Revamp Vintage.  How can you not love this dress!!!!  I do not have any Revamp items at this time so if someone wants to speak to the quality or their experiences with this company please do so in the comments.

 Pin # 3 Source

Pin #3 is the Bernie Dexter Halter Dress in Polka Dot.  Great for fun in the Sun.  I do no have any Bernie Dexter dresses yet but I do have a jacket that I just love.  The quality is great.

Pin #4 Source

Pin #4 Heyday 40s style trousers.  How do I love Heyday I don't know if I can express it enough I have trousers, dress and a jacket and all are worn and loved.  I think this may be one of my favorite companies.  Hit the source button the check them out.

Pin # 5 Source

Pin #5 Corslette Top by Whirling Turban sorry this is not the exact same picture that I have on my board but the picure I had was of the same top minus the lovely Bernie Dexter modeling the top perhaps I wll have to add this one also.  If you love vintage Whirling Turban is right up your alley.  I was married in a Whirling Turban dress and have several others as well as 2 corslette tops and I love them.  I can't say enough good things about this company well worth the prices.

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