Friday, February 15, 2013

Confessions of a Pinterest Addict

OK I admit it.  Sometimes I have a problem.  Sometimes I should be doing other things like sewing of cleaning or cooking but instead I sit at my computer looking and pinning on pinterest.  I gotta say I am all about the Visuals. So today I thought I would share my first board with you.

Worth A Look (view here) was the first board I started pinning to and now it has 254 pins and 194 followers.  I pin anything I considered Art onto this board, and that would include vintage advertising, though I am considering moving the advertising to a new board only because this one is very full and I think it could easily be divided into a two or more boards.

Enough said about that I wanted to give you the a peak at my 5 favorite pins from this board. Although choosing these proved to be quite the challenge.

Image 1: Cinco De Mayo

I like this image so much it is my cover for this board.  It appears to have been found originally on a blog called Puppies and Flowers (see source) and was a part of  a post of Random calendar pictures.  I love the color combinations they patterns.  I love the lady's happy smile and her sweet eyes.

Image 2

You can also find some Vintage travel posters on my worth a look board.  I love the simplicity of design on this one.  I could not find the original source though it appears to have been originally pinned from Anderson Design Group. Com though the link did not seem to be working.

Image 3

Worth a Look also holds some vintage advertisements and this is one of my favorites.  This was originally posted from Vogue.

Image 4

By Russian born artist Erte, Romain de Tirtoff, I love his Art Deco designs and I need to research him farther.  I think you will agree for a vintage loving lady this is a powerful image.

Image 5

Finally Worth a Look has some Pin Up

Ok well I hope you enjoy my blog about pinterest. Oh and if you are pinner I would love to look at your boards.  If you are not yet on pinterest but would like to be let me know I can send you an invite.
Have a lovely day, Susan

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