Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Our House is a Rambler built in 1959.  The person that we bought our house from unfortunately was a house flipper.  He did some things in our house that we would not have sanctioned and wish he hadn't done but it was a very tough housing market and well we generally like the house.  The flipper did modernize our kitchen.  He ripped out the original cabinets and put in new cheap more "modern" cabinets.  He also put in all new stainless appliances, none of which have worked well. The ice maker on the refrigerator leaked into my sewing area in basement and I had to toss a box of notions.  The built in microwave door is starting to losen up and it is making strange noises and well the stove is a flat top glass and well it takes me an hour and half to boil water to can.  I know most people would love to move in to a house and have brand new appliances but I would rather have a kitchen that had never been changed in 50 years.  So I have been looking at vintage ovens on craiglist at first my husband wanted electric and they are very difficult to find as most people bought gas in the 1950s.  My husband finally agreed (after he started home brewing) that the electric stoves are much harder to control the temp and perhaps we should find a gas stove.

Besides appliances the other thing I don't like about our kitchen is that it is dark and even though it is on the South East corner of the house which should be nice and sunny it is very dark.  I don't think this is helped out at all by the dark brown counters the flipper put in with a black sink.  So I have been looking at some 50s adds for kitchens looking for ideas for mine.

Ok the one above is by far my favorite.  So much so I am considering painting my cabinets the same color as the walls.  

Love the matching colored appliances!!  
OK, I gotta say yellow kitchens are not my thing (not that I haven't seen a few that haven't made me rethink my position on this.  But I love about this one is the floor tile and how it leads you around the counters.

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  1. How fun! I had a good time redoing my kitchen, but it took a few years to track down all the appliances that I wanted. Craigslist!! But these photos give you great ideas for color and decorating ideas. Keep us posted!

  2. I love the last one - in fact, I'm looking for one just like that for my new house! :)

  3. Hey There!
    Don't house flippers irritate the heck out of you? When my husband and I were looking for a house- we were looking for the *opposite* of most couples (we wanted a house that was NOT updated). Finally, we settled on a single owner deceased estate from 1959 (like yours!) but unfortunately, it too had received some updates, but all is not lost!

    The kitchen is 80s but retains the original blue tile backsplash so of course I'm contemplating how I'm going to restore my kitchen to it's retro glory as well! I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

    Keep up the amazing work with your blog! I linked you to mine so I can keep checking back!

    Stay Glamorous!
    xxxLottie Lee


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  5. LOL, I'm also looking for kitchen tips on a 1956 ranch style rambler in L.A. with a very new flipped kitchen too!
    We found that our local Habitat for Humanity 're-sale' store does get older things in that can be used, such as an original 50's blue bathroom sink and toilet (how cool is that find!)