Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring clean declutter!!!

Ok so when you love vintage you tend to accumulate and sometimes it is hard to let go of what you accumulate since you never know when you will find it again as it is no longer made and is perhaps over 50 year old.  But at some point somethings got to give and as my closet was busting at the seams and so were many other closets in my house I decided now was to time to start to declutter, well actually both my husband and myself have been working on selling off unused items in attempt to not just declutter but to also reduce some debt.  So what do you do when you want to get rid of your over abundance of vintage and repro wears?  Well I have been a seller on both etsy and ebay.  Right now I have put a few items on my etsy shop.  I also have tried some of the face book swap sites in the past for some of the repro items I have with out much luck but I am trying that out again with this pair of Johnson Shoes, Lovely shoes but I have wide feet and while they fit my foot I found them uncomfortable I was rather disappointed as my husband had a pair that he thinks are the best and very comfortable perhaps it is just that they are higher and I tend to stick with a lower wedge.

So sorry to say I spent my time I should have been sewing, taking pictures, posting on my etsy shop which I only got 2 items up but at least have pictures to try to put up more.  

So readers in what way have you had the best luck reselling you vintage and repro items when you no longer want them?

Oh and if anyone can tell me how to make a link to my etsy shop on the side I would be forever grateful as it wouldn't do it for me when I tried in the past.


  1. I sell my vintage stuff on Etsy. I like it because the listing lasts for 4 months.

    To get your link to show up on your blog
    Click on the (Your Shop) link up in the top right. Then on the left hand side bar you will see (Promote) Click on Etsy Mini and arrange it how you like. Then it should give you the code to be able to put it in your blog.

    1. Is the link on my etsy page or my blog? I don't see that link I am sure I am just blind.

    2. OK I figured it out, I am a bit slow on these things. Thanks to the lovely Vintage Coconut :)