Saturday, October 29, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

So its been a long time since my last post.  Work and family has kept me very busy this fall.

So if recall this summer I was working and remodeling my sewing room ( Well with the help of the Mr) then we had severe rains and we took on water in the basement right where my room is.  I then decided to put the project on hold for a while as the next step was laying a tile floor and if it were to flood again it would all be for not. So we finally put in the floor (Armstrong tiles I think have a nice vintage feel to them and are quite appropriate for a basement).

I wanted to keep the room cheerful as it is a basement and while it has southern exposure it is still one pretty small so I choose pink for the walls.  Next task will be to move my sewing things back into the room.  I will try to put up some pictures as I get things moved back in.  As for the flooding I will just have to keep an eye on it when we get lots of rain it has only taken on water one other time since we bought our house over 6 years ago so I will be careful to keep items off the floor and out of harms way.

Tonight we carved pumpkins and tomorrow I will roast pumpkin seeds one of my favorite snacks. Happy Halloween.

Oh and just so you all know I have been reading and even occasionally commenting on others blogs even though I have found myself too busy to blog.  So keep up the great blogging all!!!


  1. Snap! We're currently decorating too, in the week's break from school. I don't know how you manage all this AND kids too! I'm exhausted just from painting the walls!

    I love the tiles by the way. We wanted to tile our entrance area with quarry tiles, but we have to have carpet now, due to pipes which need to be easily accessible - boo! x

  2. I like the tiles, they look great! How lovely to have a whole basement for a sewing room, I would love that!

  3. Those tiles look great. I could only dream about having cute flooring like that *Maybe one day*
    I hope we get to see your sewing room all set up.

  4. Kate O that is why it took me from July until now haha.

    Straight Talking Mama it is just a corner of the the basement there is a part that is supposed to be the tiki lounge as well but I need to make new covers for all the rattan maybe in about 20 years I will finish that project too.

    Vintage Coconut I will try to post when it is set up.