Saturday, September 24, 2011

All about me

OK still real busy so I decided this would get me posting its been going around to other blogs


Over 40 (enough said)

B-Bed size:

My husband is a bed HOG and insist on a king, honestly I would be ok with smaller.

C-Chore that you hate:
cleaning the cat box

Dog, cat, horse, I like animals.

E-Essential start to your day:
Nothing really I don't need the caffine jump start other need. Although I never feel normal till teeth are brushed.

F-Favourite Colour:
Pink, but also greens (pale) and blues really its like the dog question I like color.

G-Gold or silver:
Silver or white gold.

5'1" yep I am short

I-Instruments you play:
Nothing right now I played piano, french horn, and trombone when I was a kid but I don't think i remember much now but I really want a Ukulele and some lessons but not sure how I could find the time.

J-Job title:

Yes two boys Wyatt and Dalton (my posse)

Little Canada, MN

M-Mothers name:

None in fact I hate it when people shorten my name to Sue and Suzie it Susan thank you.

O-Overnight hospital stays:
Just with the birth of my two boys.

P-Pet peeves:
Oh have a lot but they usually have to do with my job (things like kids spitting sunflower seeds on my classroom floor).

Q-Quote from a movie:
" I've got to do something about the way I look. I mean a girl just can't go to Sing Sing with a green face. "
Breakfast at Tiffanys

R-Right or left handed:
Right (but I am so far the odd ball in my family my husband is left my oldest son is left and so far it appears my 3 year old can't decide and has been writing or more accurately drawing with either)

One, sister but we are both busy so not close

T-Time you wake up:

I have been having a dilemma with this I have tried the more vintage higher waist ones and they are just not comfortable to me perhaps it is the brands I have tried (just run of the mill hanes cotton) I don't mind higher waisted if it sucks you in and has more elastic but the cotton ones just don't hold their shape.  I am open to suggestions.

V-Vegetable you hate:
not a fan of Sweet Potatoes or Fenal

W-What makes you run late:
My Kids or my wardrobe but I try not too.

X-X rays you've had:
I think just the normal teeth.

Y-Yummy food that you make:
I like to make pad thai or soups but having been trying not very successfully to lose weight so the noodles have been out lately.

Z-Zoo animal:
Bears of tigers


  1. Hi, thanks for following me. I just found out alot about you...A-Z. Comment on U - underwear; I LOVE the "old bloomers" probably because they are roomy and go OVER my roll...:) My husband - not sure who he thinks will wear them - always buys me other not so comfortable ones....I might wear them on a "special occassion" - just for him. Comfort wise - I will keep my "granny panties" Look forward to following you. Blessings from Wisconsin

  2. My daughter loves making pad thai too! Thank you for the blog visit, I really appreciate it! My mum is only 4ft 11in - there is such beauty in small packages ;-D xx

  3. Hi sweet gal,

    I recently filled out this fun questionnaire on my blog too and thoroughly enjoyed it. Quizzes like this were quite popular a few years back but have seemed (at least in our vintage circle) to have fallen somewhat out of vogue lately. I quite enjoy them though and hope other similar ones appear soon, too.

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful blog comment today regarding water quality being a possible source of scalp irritation. I've investigated the water in several homes I've lived in over the past decade, thinking much the same thing, but have never conclusively been able to prove how much (if any) of a role the water was playing. I tend to find that it's certain ingredients in hair care and beauty products (sulphates are major irritant for me, for example) that are behind much of the issue. Again though, I certainly wouldn't rule the water out no matter where I live and very much appreciate you raising that point for others who read that post.

    Wishing you positive health & beautiful week ahead,

  4. Check the Bali line of underwear. I have some high waist ones with the wide band at the top being lace. Then I have some others that are normal waist and pull you in tightly, love those. They are both Bali and I get them on line @ Fresh Pair. Nan