Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is my first blog and first post ever so please go easy on me.

Well I am not sure that anyone will be interested in reading this but I am starting this to encourage myself to continue to experience what I love and much of that is vintage related.  I feel as if I have strayed from my path for the last 5 years raising children, being married, working a full time job that some seems to take more and more of my time and energy, taking care of a house has diverted my attention for a while but now I feel a bit more focused and wish to pursue my passion for all things vintage from the mid century and golden era.  I have started some sewing projects, I have tried crochet but my mentor, Aunt Marybeth just told me it may not be my thing but I will continue to pursue time willing.  I also love collecting vintage everything from sewing machines to furniture, my house used to be lovely but now with two young children I find it a bit of a challenge to have it as I would like it.  Well that is enough for now next post I hope will include some of my endeavors in the realm of sewing I am currently working on two muslins one a 30's blouse and one a pair of 40's pants.  So hopefully my next post will include some end results.  Happy Holidays to all, until next post take care.


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging

  2. Fantastic! I have just started blogging too - I loove it - though need to get some more craft stuff happening. Mine is quickly turning into a cooking blog!
    I love your style - you are gorgeous!