Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Betty Page Clothing Mall Of America Review

Well it is open.  I went on Saturday.  I personally love it.  The ladies working there are fabulous helpful and friendly.  The quality seemed good and the clothes are adorable.  Here is what I bought.

I got the shorts and top in this picture but i included the top with the red bows as it looks a bit different with the buttons undone that fare down and i will not be wearing mine like that rest assured.

I also got this black skirt.
Not pictured is a navy wiggle dress and a matching bolero I got out of the sale section and I don't see it on the web sight.  I also tried this dress on in the grey and it was so cute but well I didn't have unlimited funds so perhaps I will pick it up later since I can just jump in my car and drive for 20 minutes and just go shopping and not have to pay shipping or in Minnesota we also have no sales tax on clothing so no tax either (but check your reciept as they are having problems with the register doing this automatically).

I was very happy and the store was very very busy (well it is new and it was a holiday weekend and a saturday to boot).  All I can say is I love it and will be a frequent buyer when the cash is available!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We are going to see The Killer

No not the Mrs. Peacock in the drawing room type of killer. 

 Its the Jerry Lee Lewis aka The Killer. 

 My husband surprised me today with tickets to see Jerry Lee play in Chicago in July.  He even booked a hotel room and arranged babysitting for the boys.  Very sweet of him although he did this because of old guilt from the last time we were supposed to see him play together here is the story.  I was going to Miss Jerry Lee  at the Green Bay, Wisconsin at the last Rockin 50's Fest II in 2005 because he was scheduled to play the very first day on Monday and I could not get out off work until Wednesday, although my husband was able to go to for the entire week.   Then Jerry Lee rescheduled the show for Tuesday. With some  finagling on my part I left for the festival and should have made it to Greenbay just in a nick of time in order to see him play. I drove at breakneck speeds from work across Wisconsin only to have my husband give me some inebriated directions that got me lost for the hour that Jerry Lee preformed.  Then for the rest of the week all everyone talked about how great Jerry was and did you see him preform.  No I didn't! I had literally walked in the doors to the show as everyone was walking out them.  Needless to say I still had a great week but was a bit peeved at my husband. Well this year when Jerry Lee played at Viva Las Vegas and we couldn't afford to go, I guess he started looking online for a way to get me to see Jerry Lee and he bought tickets right away when he saw he was playing Chicago this summer.  Although he is planning a quick get there see concert drive home trip. Its a 7 hour drive for us.  I think I might have to work on him about extending the stay a wee bit as Chicago is a great place to visit and I am not really sure what his rush is as the Grandparents might not mind having the boys for 2 days and well nobody has to work until Tuesday and the show is on a Saturday.  Well more on this later as it develops....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well just when you thought you had some grass......

OK so my husband loves his cars but last year when he had 6 I talked him into getting rid of one.  This year I put some grass seeds down where the car had been sitting, killing the grass.  Well just when the grass started taking he decided that a 40's Plymouth 2 door sedan was what he really needed.  Yep this summer he has 7 vehicles(no my math is right he also got one more over the winter), oh and did you know I own two cars of my own not both vintage one is my daily driver my other is a 59 chevy wagon .  Let me tell you folds that we don't live out on a farm in the country.  No we have a fairly normal  suburban neighborhood although we do have very deep yards on our stretch of the road. Its a good thing I like old cars too or my husband and I might not we getting along right now.  So here it is the newest member of or car family.

Yes it is very rough and it is a big project but I guess it will keep him out of trouble.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Retro Rama and stuff...

Sorry for the absence in my post it must just be that time of year where people get busy because I have noticed lots of blogs have gone down in the number of post that are being written.  What has kept me out of blog land?  Well garage sale season opened up big with the a city wide garage sale in the suburb I grew up in.  My mom and i usually go together but sorry not really a vintage trip so much as shopping for the kids although I did see some lovely 50's lamps for a reasonable price but I passed them by as I really don't have a need for more lamps but I still keep thinking about them perhaps I should have got them oh well too late now.

We also attended Retrorama a yearly event that takes place at the Minnesota History Center.  We had a great time although I thought the fashion show was a bit of a bomb.  We got priority parking for showing up in my husbands 57 chevy.  Anyway here is a picture of my husband and I. He has on a 1950's suit I picked up for him on Ebay and I have on a 40's Rayon dress also from ebay (no label it appears to be handmade).

And finally here I am with the lovely Dress Dame if you have not had a chance to check out her blog you should check it out ( and please excuse my angry look).  I also got to meet the lovely Dead Pan Diva of the fedora lounge unfortunately I did not get a photo of us together and she had on this lovely 30's dress she had made.  

Well my final blog distraction was getting some plants in my garden.  I have about 16 tomato plants some peppers, peas, beans, carrots, lettuce, and radishes that I am happy to say have already sprouted.  I will try to post some pictures when things start taking off.  Well take care and have a good week.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Victory Garden in Victory Rolls

Did you know that by the end of WWII 40% of the nations vegetables were grown at home?

When I was growing up my dad always had a garden growing in the back yard he composted; much to the dismay of the suburban neighbors.    I don't know what it is about digging in the dirt and getting things to grow that I find so satisfying but for some reason I do.

My family up was up and helping with the victory garden on Sunday (it probably helped that our internet connection had and outage yesterday).  Saturday I purchased a new rain barrel and compost bin through the district we live in.  So I worked on  installing them, this morning while my husband and oldest son made me some raised beds (happy mothers day) for planting in.    So no plants going yet but we are well on our way we just need to fill the new beds up and well get some rain for the barrel and get that compost collected and decomposing.  Well I will update with pictures when something is actually growing not much to show right now.  I know many of you have probably started your gardens weeks ahead of us Midwesterners but well the winter just didn't wan't to leave us this year but I think we are finally in some safer territory.  Oh and the victory rolls they stayed in the whole time shoveling and rooting in the dirt.
Happy Mothers day everyone...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Help All the Blogs I follow have disappeared.

OK actually opposite of the invisible man as all of you have disappeared from my dashboard.  Has anyone had this problem?  When on my dashboard it says that I have no blogs I am following but when I look up the individual blogs it still listed me as a follower and when I added a new blog it still did not show up.  Lovely readers have you ever had this problem?  Can anyone direct me to some place I can resolves this I looked  in the help section but it didn't really seem to have an answer for this.  Totally frustrated by this situation.  Hope you all are having a great weekend.  Take Care

Friday, May 6, 2011

Vintage Comments

So do you get comments about your vintage style?  I have been getting more lately as I have been on a campaign  to dress in a more vintage look daily so far I have just been tackling the hair and some makeup.  Now I teach high school and these kids are definitely not shy about making comments which is perhaps why I haven't been dressing or looking very vintage. I think that combined with the fact that I teach art and well it is messy and I would hate to ruin some nice vintage clothes because clay paint could easily ruin a nice piece. But so far I have only received positive comments about my hair from students and well I try to never think about what they say behind my back if I worried about that well..... needless to say I don't go there. Later  I stopped into a Sephora  and got some new make up some to wear at work (a little more subtle for a day look).  The girl helping me out got really excited when I told her I was going for a more vintage look and asked me about the Betty Page clothing that was opening soon at Mall of America.  Today I had looser curls as I had pinned my hair in loser pin curls for sleeping but I got a really nice set out it all day and again more compliments from students.  I also used some of the make up I purchased last night smash box limitless lip stain in petal and an eggplant eyeliner from KatVonD line.  I thought both worked well for the day time look.
this my day 2 set at the end of the day

So how about you ladies do you get much comments on your vintage look?  Positive? Negative?  

Now I need to work on the wardrobe for work and every day.  I have a hard time with wearing my nice clothes to work so now if I could find the sewing time to make some clothes that I didn't spend a fortune on that would work for work I would be all set.